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Bidable Works  for Agents and Vendors

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Vendors know their agent is going that extra mile to successfully manage their sale and can keep an eye on the sales process for their property.

Bidable allows house hunters to track and make offers on properties they wish to buy.

Agents get copies of all bids in real time, can view ID and POF and import contacts into their CRM.

Buyers can see and make offers on their phone

Totally Transparent, Instant Update, Inside Track

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Moves potential purchasers seamlessly from your site to your branded hub where users register. So you know who you’re dealing with and have every offer logged and recorded. Details can be easily imported to CRM
Users pick their properties which become their home page. They can ask questions, make and see bids, and upload documents.
Bidding history is available to view, and all bids are stored and recorded in the back end. Save time updating customers, but interact with them in the traditional ways when needed.


Individually branded with your logo for seamless look and feel

Include potential purchasers in the process, allowing them feel inside and in control

No need to do phone arounds each time a new offer comes in

Import new contacts easily into your CRM

Run a report on sale showing bidders and history of offers

Open a new channel to complement your business and offset any potential advantage other agents make have.

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